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If You want to come alone, no problem!   You are WELCOME!  But we think that it will be even more fun to come with friends. :)

Extreme Bulgaria Club offers a number of custom-tailored holidays.
Within our eXtreme-Week or eXtreme-Day package you can build an unforgettable week according to your own preferences, and with the exclusive ability to enjoy Bulgarian cuisine and hospitality.All-inclusive, custom-tailored X-Week with every day different activity is offered for 1011 € per person.
There is a discount per groups - 15-40% To make your X-Week a real life-time experience we have made sure that your entire family can enjoy it. Apart from extreme sports you can also benefit from well organized sightseeing trips and relax options like:One or more, 

You are all Welcome!

We prefer to work with small groups of 3-9 people, but are happy to arrange for larger groups to enjoy the Extreme Bulgaria experience.

We are happy to spend time with the novice and the experienced adventurer to make sure everyone enjoys their chosen activity.

Please drop us a line with any questions about groups.


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