Paraglider flight instruction

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Do You dream of flying? Do You want to feel the wind in your hair and to spread your arms like wings, to feel the freedom? Come on the slope then!
After a short briefing we will touch the sky together and you will feel what it is to be a bird.
You need just to wish this! To feel the freedom !
The places for flying we choose according to the weather conditions.
In the Rhodopes and Stara Planina the take off places are about 1300 meters altitude, near the villages - Kurnare, Sopot, Dobrostan.
In Rila Mountain we fly from Yastrebetz - take off from 2369 meters and landing is near Beli Iskar village.
Once equipped with a helmet and seat , after a short instruction,  you will enjoy of free flight and amazing views around.
The levels of take-off are two - preparation and actual take off.
Preparation aims to lift the wing off the ground and come over us. 
Your main task at this stage is not to lose your balance, try to be " grounded " to have more down force than forward. 
If there is no wind, you have to run quicker!
So, you will have the feeling of pulling or difficulty of the first level.
After that depend of the wind we have to run a little bit or just to enjoy of the lift in the wind.
This is done with a few quick , confident strides. No jumping, no ripping , nothing scary!
Depending on the strength of the headwind, we have to ran a shorter or longer .
The stronger headwind - the less you will have to run !
Soon you will feel that you run in the air! It's funny, but go ahead !
Do not stop , do not sit !
This is important !
This is important because often the wind decided to play with us and stops decreases , increases , changes direction ... And this influence on the wing ! 
Listen the commands from the instructor if need it he will help you.
Sit down in the harness and calmly leaning on his lap .
Enjoy the flight,  your dream come true !
Bend sideways of the turns, look in the same direction, in countries and slightly down.
If you feel sick, tell the instructor immediately . 
He will stop making turns, will submit the necessary commands and tips will help you as quickly and landed .
In most cases the person enjoys laughing , enjoying the views and spacious, with legs kicking and singing.
When the landing is close listen instructor commands prepare your legs by tapping foot and tightening of the muscles , get / jump out of the seat and hold onto your seat belts !
Touches the ground often resembles landing of songbird , then just stand and push hard ground with your feet and make two or three steps forward and that's it!
Sounds easy right? :)
If there is no headwind have to run , but still only a few steps away !
The brain maybe you screaming that you move quickly. This is because until you were a little high you don't feel the speed !
Usually landing is like to come down from the curb of the road. If you still feel threatened , raise your legs up and sit down on your ass.
And do not worry , you will not be neither the first nor the last !
After landing, do not rush to download helmets , seats , we know that you are full of adrenaline and endorphins , but wait a few seconds ... There is a tradition of respecting...
If you want to save video memory, you will have the option , but not all the time stared into the camera and enjoy your flight and beauty. You will have time to look at the camera another time.
If you want, you can fly a second time ! Just ask the person next to you:)
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