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I'm on the pIanet Earth, Eastern Europe, Bulgaria- the small Eden of the Balkans, with 36 absolutely different Mountains, lots of hot mineral water springs and hundreds herbals... The food here still has a taste:) Welcome to Ivan Vazovo village like hundreds all over the world!

About me: I was born in Rouse in 1970. I graduated in Mathematics High School in Rouse and then I became a fighter pilot in Military Academy in Dolna Mitropoliya, near Pleven. After 20 years in Bulgarian Air Force, I retired in 2009 and  founded the first ever club in Bulgaria for extreme sports and tourism eXtreme Bulgaria-XBul LTD, incorporating elements from all spheres: air, water, rocks, caves, off road, village tourism, hiking, horses, SPA and so much more.

I am a father of three (so far) cute kids, I love nature and the Cosmos as a whole, I am open for new knowledges and skills. I enjoy of the simple things in my life, and my work is my hobby:) I love make people happy, to fly with them paragliding, to show them around, to climb rocks, to ride ATV(quad bike), to improvise, to create, to make music, to sing, to play this life's game in general...

I am a former Air Force fighter pilot of MiG-21. I am founder, owner and manager of the unique "Extreme Bulgaria - XBUL" LTD.

Why is it unique? Because one man- me, can take you underground in beautiful caves, can help you to climb rocks, can ascend into the sky with a paraglider,  can  lead you in a horse riding adventure, off-road trips and so much more!

Localization of the club is Ivan Vazovo. Its a small village nestled at the lap of the Mountain  in central Bulgaria. From North and West guarded by mountains, from East - Stryama river, just miles from the world famous historical and tourist centers like Hisar and Bania. Besides clean air and fertile soil, the presence of hot mineral water in the region is one of the most favourable circumstances for a life of pleasure and harmony. 

 I've been here nearly ten years and I enjoy every moment of my daily life. Here is my destination!

To ride a horse, to take a swim in the river, to fly like a bird around the clouds... Yes, I feel that I’m alive. Bulgaria is a country rich in mountains and wealth comes not only from their numbers, but also from their diversity!

With its central location, the club boasts quick access to most of the region's mountains- Sredna Gora, Stara Planina, Rhodope, Rila and Strandja. Besides the mountains in the area around have a large dams like Pyasachnick, Domlyan and Koprinka.

One of our special packages is "eXtremeWeek" Just imagine each day a different adventure! One feels that real lives are enriched, filled with emotion and charge of the pure adrenaline, but relax, feel the harmony and grace. In addition to extreme sports  we pay attention to the physical, mental and emotional health and after brief dynamic exercise, the people wants to fly just by his hands. 

When we add the delicious Bulgarian cuisine,  what more could somebody ask for? The main idea is to be happy! But happiness is only possible if you share it with relatives, friends  and it acquires fullness and meaningfulness.

Life is brilliant, full of inspiration. For anyone who dared to explore new worlds and different ways of life, I am ready to share our-life full of emotions and different experiences, positive vision and adrenalin






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Atanas Koev

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