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Bulgaria is oldest country in Europe, with rich history! There are beautiful Nature and hospitable people in Bulgaria. The most attractive thing in Bulgaria is the tourism.

There are big mountains, sea, many lakes and rivers in little area.

There are many intersting historical places in Bulgaria.

The prices in Bulgaria is cheaper than other country in our area.

The air, water and food are clear and delicious.


Република България
Republika Bulgariya [1]
Republic of Bulgaria
Image Image
Flag Coat of arms
Съединението прави силата  (Bulgarian)
"Suedinenieto pravi silata" (transliteration)
"Union makes strength"1
Мила Родино  (Bulgarian)
Mila Rodino (transliteration)
Dear Motherland
Location of  Bulgaria (orange)

– on the European continent  (camel & white)
– in the European Union  (camel)                  [Legend]

(and largest city)
42°41′N, 23°19′E
Official languages Bulgarian
Demonym Bulgarian
Government Parliamentary democracy
- President Georgi Parvanov
- Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev
- Founded 681
- Last previously independent state2
- Independence from Ottoman Empire
- Unification with Rumelia 1885
- Recognized 1908
Accession to
the European Union
January 1, 2007
- Total 110,910 km² (104th)
42,823 sq mi
- Water (%) 0.3
- 2007 estimate 7,322,858 (93rd)
- 2005 census 7,718,750
- Density 70 /km² (124th)
185 /sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate
- Total $87.156 billion (63th)
- Per capita $10,843 (65th)
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
- Total $26.719 billion (75th)
- Per capita $4,800 (80th)
Gini? (2003) 29.2 (low)
HDI (2004) 0.816 (high) (54th)
Currency Lev3 (BGN)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
- Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Internet TLD .bg4
Calling code +359


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Atanas  Koev

+359898735399          info@extremebulgaria.com

Website: extremebulgaria.com


  •   anessa Wong
    Comment Link anessa Wong 31 May 2014

    He is a 2nd host in Bulgaria. - and totally destroyed my plan to leave Iran Vazovo village after one night. I found myself getting lost in his warm family, nice garden, nice nature honey & nature village view place.
    He hosted me 4 days. Nasko and Naska (his wife) are warm, possitive, easy going couple. And they have lovely 3 kids. Nasko is awesome and advise me some informations about Bulgaria. We go to enjoy the hot mineral spring and singing together at night. Whats azmazing! And hv a day to Plovdiv and visited his working place in Sopot. Naska teached me how to make a fresh grape juics, smooth yoghurt, trandition Bulgaria food, some human skills, cooked delicious & health food such as eggplant with tomato sauces & red pepper, yoghurt, honey etc.
    I have a very fun time & good conversation with them. I highly recommend someone Dont miss to meet Nasko & Naska in Bulgaria.
    Thanks for u do everything for me.
    Hope i can be back someday or meet in Hong Kong.
    Cheers & big hug (Tarifa, Spain)

  •   Tom Reeves   Banff, Canada
    Comment Link Tom Reeves Banff, Canada 04 June 2014

    We had an amazing time with Nasko in his village. It was such a unique experiences, living in a small village and exploring the countryside. He is a very crazy extreme guy and we had an awesome time slack lining and driving late at night to the local hot spring where he sung to us in Bulgarian. I hope we can return one day and do more extreme things. Thanks for an incredible start to Bulgaria and great advice to help us on our way.

  •   Irina F Jerusalem, Israel
    Comment Link Irina F Jerusalem, Israel 14 August 2015

    I've been with Atanas on paragliding, ATV ride and SPA. Also stayed with his family and other guests, we played guitar, sang, spoke about many topics. Atanas is an interesting personality, original thinker. Everything was cool.

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