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"Extreme Bulgaria - Adventures" LTD is based in a lap of Mountain in central Bulgaria- a village Ivan Vazovo zip 4206, street No36 No2
The TIN is 204826755
The owner - Atanas Koev
All prices could be changed for some reasons. Ask for your personal offer!
The transport and video costs are NOT included in the prices, also the sky lift tax.
Deposit is required once you book the activities you would like to do and we have agreed an activity plan with you.  
We will then send you a price and deposit information. In case you cancel your booked you will lose the deposit.

  PayPal or bank transfer will be required for the deposit and final payment to be made in full minimum five days before the start of your adventure.

  There may be a small additional charge if there is any extra mileage incurred in travelling and if you choose PayPal method



 Examples of Prices of Extreme Adventures:

Tandem paragliding flights:

  •  A flight from 1300m. height from the Mountain to the valley from 50eu.
  •  A flight in thermals from 1300m. asl from the Mountain to the valley from 60eu.
  •  Cross country flight from 70eu


ATV off road adventure:

  •  A begginers course with normal speed about 2-3hours-60eu.
  •  An hour for experienced riders low speed- 30eu.
  •  An hour for experienced riders with normal speed -35eu.
  •  An hour for experienced riders with high speed trip -40eu.
  •  An hour for experienced riders eXtreme riding -45eu


Rock climbing adventure

  •  Rock climbing adventure for one - 30eu.
  •  Rock climbing adventure for two - 50eu.
  •  Rock climbing adventure for three persons - 60eu.
  •  Rock climbing adventure for four persons - 70eu.



  •  Include flight, off road trip and climbing - from 90eu



  •  3500m. height -175eu


Horse riding:

  •  An hour for the beginners - 15eu
  •  An hour free running -20eu.
  •  Two hours trip -30eu.
  •  Three hours trip -40eu.
  •  Four hours trip -50eu.
  •  Six hours adventure -60eu.
Atanas  Koev



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Extreme Bulgaria Club offers a number of custom-tailored holidays. Within our eXtreme-Week or eXtreme-Day you can build an unforgettable week according to your own preferences, and with the exclusive ability to enjoy Bulgarian cuisine and hospitality.

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