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I. Registration of users
By registering with the forum , the user agrees to comply with the Regulation .
To register for the forum , the user must provide a valid email address and confirm it ( accounts with unconfirmed email deleted without warning ) ..
Selecting a user name (nickname, login) is your exclusive right . The administration reserves the right to take measures to stop the use of nickname, if its use violates generally accepted moral and ethical standards is insulting for other forum users . Not be registered logins, resembling the existing to the extent that it can mislead other forum users . Do not use avatars , avatars similar to the moderators.
Repeated registration is prohibited by a single user , regardless of the purpose for which such registration is available. This violation is very serious and leads to the blocking of all accounts .
May not be registered for the purpose of advertising. Banned for life , without notice.
II. Rules of conduct in our forum
Strive to understand others and try to facilitate the work of other perception and understanding of you , try to be intelligible and understandable. Respect the feelings , tastes , beliefs, prejudices and limitations of others as their own : try to be sympathetic , polite, restrained, delicate. Try to build a conducive atmosphere of dialogue - an atmosphere of trust and mutual support - do not ruin it, at least , do not spoil the air , do not make the infection offense, hitting , aggression, rudeness , squabbles, unproductive conflict. Take care of the self-esteem of another as one's own. Learn to hear and find ways to be heard - to engage in dialogue . Preserving their dignity and self-esteem , be tolerant and generous , let other advances trust approval , positive , support timid , inexperienced and inept , and help them to believe in themselves and show the best of them. Be honest and open.
Do not get into an argument. Do not believe that in a dispute born truth . In disputes born only dislike for each other . Avoid discussion of transition in the dispute . Discussion and debate on the nature of the goals differ sides. The purpose of the dispute - the protection of their interests and obtain the maximum benefit . The purpose of the discussion - clarifying positions. Spores are opponents debate - partners .
If someone's words seemed offensive or inappropriate, you note this topic Post a post that touched you via private message or the button " To bring " under each post on the forum. If you are using a form of Dispatches , be sure to specify in the comments are your problem.
Avoid flaming, ie messages that were written under the influence of emotions , or in moments of emotional experiences . Typically, this leads to the explanation of relations .
Strictly prohibited the use of swear words , swearing , abusive language , including veiled and ambiguous allusions , no matter in what form and to whom they were addressed . In the substitution of letters symbols.
Strictly prohibited provocation , placing false information , slander, as well as any information discrediting the honor and dignity of the participants.
It is forbidden to continue the discussion in closed / remote administration.
Your signature on the forum can not be longer than 4 lines . It must meet the same requirements as to the messages on the forum. .
Do not forget and do not be lazy to read the site news and rules sections of the forum . Ignorance of these and other forum rules not only frees you from the responsibility for the violation , but in and of itself is a violation , as well as an aggravating circumstance .
III. Publish messages
Topic title should be informative , as clearly reflect the core of the problem. Avoid names that were like " Question ", " My subject ", " My cat ", " Help ", " Prompt ", etc.
Before creating a new topic , make sure that you create it in the forum on relevant topics , and also try to make sure that this issue has not been discussed previously .
Creation of identical threads in different sections and posting of similar messages in different threads .
Try not to make grammatical errors in messages - it will create a negative impression of you .
Do not write posts consisting entirely of capital letters . May give the impression that you are shouting , moreover, it is difficult to see the text.
IV. Publish your photos
Including the photo in a message on the forum, the author guarantees the copyright and other property and non-property rights related to the placement of the picture. Website administration is not responsible for copyright infringement by the forum .
Maximum image size on the larger side shall not exceed 800 pixels (Amended on 03.09.2013 ) . In one message is allowed to include no more than 3 shots ( with the exception of a series of photos , the gap which may prevent understanding of the content , but not more than 12 photos in a single message - at the discretion of the Administration ) . Larger image will decrease and easing compulsorily without notice. Permitted links to pictures bigger on other sites ( preferably without advertising).


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