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  What is Extreme Bulgaria? In order to answer that, we will first have to take a look at another question: Who is Atanas Koev? Atanas Koev is a jet fighter and paraglider pilot, an experienced climber and hiker, a skilled kayaker, skydiver, ATV instructor, travel guide, speleologist and off-road navigator. He is also a happy peace-loving person who can’t get enough of the beauty of the Bulgarian countryside and father of three lovely children whose lives must be full of exciting adventures and fun. But above all he is a man who has managed to turn his dream into reality. That dream is called Extreme Bulgaria.


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If you are invited to someone’s home or choose a good traditional restaurant you’ll be able to sample what’s best about Bulgarian cuisine; plenty of fresh vegetables, eaten raw, roasted or stewed with meat in terra-cotta pots. Lots of garlic, onions, oil and spices. Influences of its neighbours, Turkey and Greece are also present in dishes such as ’sarmi’ (stuffed vine leaves), ‘moussaka’ and ‘baklava’.
Bulgarians like their salads: a salad and rakia (Bulgarian spirit/ schnapps usually made from grapes) are the obligatory start to the meal. Be warned, this stage of the meal can be a very drawn-out process lasting up to an hour.
These are some of the more popular Bulgarian salads, well worth a try:
shopska salata’ - chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers sprinkled with ’sirene’ (Bulgarian white cheese);
snezhanka’ - thick creamy yoghurt with chopped cucumber or gherkins, walnuts and garlic;
kyopulo’ - roasted aubergines, peppers, loads of garlic, parsley.
Soups are also a very important element in the Bulgarian menu;
‘bob chorba’ - traditional bean soup with plenty of herbs;
shkembe chorba’ - tripe soup with garlic, vinegar and chilli, quite tasty if you can bring yourself to try it;
tarator’ - cold yoghurt and cucumber soup.
Bulgarians like meat - mainly pork (svinsko), veal (teleshko) and chicken (pile)- grilled, fried or as a stew:
kavarma’ - meat and vegetable stew, usually served in individual pots;
gyuvech’ - stewed chunks of vegetables and lamb;
kyufteta’ - spicy meat balls/ hamburgers;
kebapcheta’ - spicy mince meat, sausage shaped, grilled.
Vegetarians may find the choice on the menu a bit limiting which is a shame as there are plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes. Usually you can find the following but if all else fails try a selection of starters or a combination salad (a plate of various salads):
‘kashkaval (or sirene) pane’ - fried yellow (or white) cheese;
chushki byurek’ - fried peppers stuffed with egg and cheese;
sirene po shopski’ - white cheese, egg, tomatoes and peppers baked in a pot.
The fame of Bulgarian wine speaks for itself. It is inexpensive and good. Bulgarian beers such as Astika, Zagorka and Kamenitsa are all very continental in their appeal and much cheaper than imported beers. Be wary with spirits, as there is a lot of fake stuff on the market. If it in any way tastes strange, don’t drink it. By the way, the Bulgarian for cheers is ‘Nazdrave!’
Bulgarian cuisine isn’t strong on desserts, most restaurants offer only pancakes or creme caramel. Cafes usually have a good selection of pastries and cakes. The ‘garash torta’ is the Bulgarian equivalent of the Sacher Torte, made from eggs, walnuts and cocoa.
Snacks (zakuska) are available all over town in tiny shops or from stands on the street. If you are feeling a little peckish why not try:
banitsa’ - fillo dough pastry filled with white cheese;
gevrek’ - like a very dry bagel, sold from big bags on street corners;
kifla’ - croissant usually filled with jam;
piroshka’ - dough stick filled with white cheese and fried.
Finally, if you are feeling really adventurous, try some ‘boza’, - a thick malt drink with a distinct smell. It’s said to be an acquired taste!
Worth noting:
- Bulgarians tend to serve food warm rather than piping hot.
- Bulgarians think nothing of lighting up a cigarette in the middle of their salad, so if you are a non-smoker, brace yourself!
- When ordering a main course in a restaurant, check if it comes with ‘garnitura’ (potatoes or veg) - usually you have to order side dishes extra
In Bulgaria you have to try organic food and home made food- they are all very delicious and healthy!
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  Spend an unforgettable extreme week in Bulgaria in the pleasant company of a truly extraordinary adventurer.

  Extreme Bulgaria is a company that is all about the high-octane adventures. As you already read, its founder is an expert in every conceivable adrenaline-pumping sport there is (and a few additional ones, too), so you’ve got a pretty long list of activities to pick from. Naturally, you can combine them in whatever way you want and you can even customise entire itineraries. The one-week packages offered at Extreme Bulgaria deserve a special mention here. They are prepared individually for different clients and take into consideration several subjective factors, including the clients’ preferences and capabilities and the weather conditions in the country, for example. The best thing about those one-week tours, however, is that they allow people to immerse themselves completely in the magic realms of Bulgarian nature and culture and spend a nice varied, adventure-filled holiday. Balance is the key to their success: the fast-paced wild activities are perfectly mixed with relaxing episodes in cool spas and traditional taverns and informative walking tours around some of the country’s most famous landmarks.

  The dedicated fans of the countryside are also more than welcome to visit Atanas in Ivan Vazovo Village near Plovdiv where he lives together with his family. There they can learn a lot about rural traditions and habits and the perks of living far away from the large crowded urban centres. Of course, they can engage in several fun activities such as horseback riding and beekeeping as well.

  The last important point that has to be made here is that Extreme Bulgaria is not exactly a one-man show. Atanas Koev has managed to put together a great squad of professionals who help him with all his endeavours. They are well trained, disciplined, and have a nice sense of humor. Their devotion is outstanding and their approach to clients is always personal.

  Now there is just one last thing you have to remember: Extreme Bulgaria means not only world-class services and amazing adventures but true friendship as well.





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