The official company blog

The official company blog

12 Mar 2017
Happy new year! Dear travelers and adventurers, Welcome to Bulgaria for the new amazing season. We are expecting you all over the world beautiful people, welcome to our amazing country full with Mountains, rivers, caves and so much more in a small area- the unique Bulgaria!
05 Mar 2016
The Spring is coming, the birds are singing, the travellers are happy to explore the world, regions, cultures and to challenge yourself in different situations and adventures. Welcome to Bulgaria. 2016 is in front of us. Ready for all spheres experience -air- flights, underground- caving, rocks- climbing, water- rafting, bridges- bungee jumps, forest and mountains- riding/hiking/playing... When hospitality, delicious cuisine and culture are included the adventure become unforgetable. Happy travelling!
08 Oct 2015
Dear friends, how few of my customers said: In your club come a customer and leave a friend- and that is true! All of these amazing adventures in Bulgaria- flying, jumping, climbing, caving, rafting, kayaking, quads and horses and so on, make us to feel alive and we become close friends because of many reasons- the energy, the adrenalin, the risk, the food, the road, the beauty, the humor, the music and so much more!
06 Jun 2014
The newest offer of eXtreme Bulgaria club is for our old friends from all over the world! We know that many of you are far-far away from Bulgaria but you have a reason to turn back at soon as possible to have new adventures with us! Come to use your free flight with plane. For all of you - that have a tandem paragliding flight with us last 8 years we have a new offer, eXtreme surprise - XDay with more than three activities- tandem paragliding flight, off road trip in Sredna gora Mountain with ATV HONDA TRX and finally - the gift! Plane flight! For more information, you need to send a request via e-mail!
01 Jun 2014
Do you wonder what is the best for your children? The best for them and you is to come to Ivan Vazovo village for a day!
20 May 2014
I'm on the pIanet Earth, Eastern Europe, Bulgaria- the small Eden of the Balkans, with 36 absolutely different Mountains, lots of hot mineral water springs and hundreds herbals... The food here still has a taste:) Welcome to Ivan Vazovo village like hundreds all over the world!
19 May 2014
This is lecture of Atanas Koev for START UP Business meeting in University of Blagoevgrad:
19 May 2014
Do You dream of flying? Do You want to feel the wind in your hair and to spread your arms like wings, to feel the freedom? Come on the slope then!



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