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Dear friends, how few of my customers said: In your club come a customer and leave a friend- and that is true! All of these amazing adventures in Bulgaria- flying, jumping, climbing, caving, rafting, kayaking, quads and horses and so on, make us to feel alive and we become close friends because of many reasons- the energy, the adrenalin, the risk, the food, the road, the beauty, the humor, the music and so much more!
My name in this life is Atanas Koev. I am writing to YOU- all friends from the Past and from the Future!
There is no TIME! There is only here and now! Enjoy of the moment! There is nothing accidental!
We are all different but same. We have to find all good in us and to share it with world. 
We are ONE!
The happiness is just a decision! You choose! To be happy is need just a deep wish to feel it.
And the Universe will give you the chance!
All references are really appreciated! Lets make Bulgaria popular.
Bulgaria deserve to be famous with all 36 different Mountains, over 225 thermals, hundreds rivers and lakes, thousnads herbals and so much more- the unique music and dances, the yogurt, the warm souls of people!
Thank you very much, my friends! :)
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Atanas  Koev

Atanas Koev



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