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This combination is really cool! In this mini X-Day you will fly and ride! Take a friend with you to share the happiness of one different day.
Tandem paragliding is easiest way to touch the sky. The instructor can even give you the controls of the wing, you can try to make turns and to enjoy of freedom. 
The quad bikes have some tricks, so is very interesting to find them and to ride like professionals. Everything will be in your hands- the power and the will to learn how to control it. The lessons are one by one, so very soon you will build new abilities and skills.
If you don't want to ride quad bike you always can ask for a buggy- easy for driving, full of emotions and fun!
Manufacturer: eXtreme Bulgaria Club
2 pcs. - 10 pcs. 86 EUR / pcs.
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Extreme Bulgaria Club offers a number of custom-tailored holidays. Within our eXtreme-Week or eXtreme-Day you can build an unforgettable week according to your own preferences, and with the exclusive ability to enjoy Bulgarian cuisine and hospitality.

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