Tandem paragliding flight gift voucher (Code: PARAGLIDING-122892842)

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Paraglider is a ultra-light aircraft manufactured by high quality materials.
Tandem paraglider has a greater area and provides a safe take-off and landing of 140 to 210 kg .
It requires minimal effort on takeoff and landing , but passengers must be able to ran several meters depending on the strength of the headwind :)
Clothing with long sleeves and pants recommended.
The limitation of weight of the passenger is 30 to 120 kg .
After the takeoff the passenger sit comfortably in the harness- the pilot can help if necessary. 
Flight time is highly dependent on the appropriate weather conditions, but is typically from 15-20min.
Where and when can fly?
After purchasing the voucher from us , you can use it within a year at your convenience at the following locations :
- Sopot (spring , summer and autumn)
- Bekleme ( summer and fall )
- Kurnare ( all year )
- Dobrostan ( all year )
- Markovo (all year)
- Brestovitsa (all year)
Manufacturer: eXtreme Bulgaria Club
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Amazing Life, 02.02.2015
Прыжки с Наско напоминают полет над бесконечностью!!! Спасибо огромное такому человеку, который дарит нам улыбки на лице и незабываемые емоции !!! Всем удачных полетов!!! )



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