Traveling with eXtreme Bulgaria Club

Traveling with eXtreme Bulgaria Club

Welcome to the world of eXtreme Bulgaria! Want to make a difference? To feel that real live? It is easy with us to achieve! Every day a different adventure every time something new!

Koprivshtitsa has been preserved as an open-air museum of the Bulgarian National Revival.
Musala (Bulgarian: Мусала) is the highest peak in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m (9,596 ft).
Take a slow wander through the Rodopi Mountains, home to Bulgaria's most isolated and ethnically diverse communities. The landscape takes in spectacular gorges and steep rocky slopes which open onto tiered fields and pine forests.
The routes pass through the biggest Bulgarian Massifs – the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopi Mountains and the Mountain chain – Stara planina (Old Mountain). The routes are presented in a low grade of difficulty for beginners, which can be worked out for advanced (tourists in a good and active fitness), too.
Varvara is a tiny fishing community 82km (51mi) south of Burgas. In winter it's pin-quiet, but the village is transformed each summer when artists and alternative lifestylers from Sofia camp on the fields above the beach.
Situated in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera. Stretching along a beautiful semicircular bay facing east. Closed to the north by the descending ridges of the Balkan Range, thus blending sea and mountain in perfect harmony.
Many Bulgarian villages, which have preserved their traditional appearance and genuine spirit, situated in environmentally clean regions, open their doors with hospitality to those willing to share the preserved rich Bulgarian traditions and folklore, agriculture, delicious and varied local cuisine, preserved old crafts, the forthright human relations.
Lets visit together one of the miracle of the World- Belogradchik amazing rocks! One magic place, milions years old, full with strange shapes and beautiful views! In this eXtreme trip we will visit two famous caves- Ledenika and Magura. There is possibility for bungee and skydiving! The accommodation will be in Stakevtsi village and SPA activity - Vurshets!
Bulgaria is a country with a very rich cultural treasury. The Bulgarian National Folklore is admired worldwide. The phenomenal Bulgarian folk singers and ensembles made the country popular all over the world. Traditional Bulgarian musical instruments with original sounding are the bagpipe, the reed pipe, the drums, the Bulgarian Mandolin, dvoyanka, brumbuzuk, bells and similar.


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Extreme Bulgaria Club offers a number of custom-tailored holidays. Within our eXtreme-Week or eXtreme-Day you can build an unforgettable week according to your own preferences, and with the exclusive ability to enjoy Bulgarian cuisine and hospitality.

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