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Bulgaria is a country with a very rich cultural treasury. The Bulgarian National Folklore is admired worldwide. The phenomenal Bulgarian folk singers and ensembles made the country popular all over the world. Traditional Bulgarian musical instruments with original sounding are the bagpipe, the reed pipe, the drums, the Bulgarian Mandolin, dvoyanka, brumbuzuk, bells and similar. 

The national folk costumes are also very interesting and unique. Some of the most popular costumes are the so-called "white outfits", "black outfits", costumes from the Thracian, Rhodope and Vidin regions, etc. The folk costumes worn on different holidays are extremely varied.


Some of them are those of the Kukeri, Lazarki, the fire-dancers, etc.

Some of the folk festivals on the country's calendar are:

* The festival for authentic folklore in Koprivshtitsa (May-June)
* The folk festivals in Bourgas (August)
* The folk festivals in Varna (August)
* The folk festival Pirin Sings (August)
* The folk festival Rozhen Sings (September)

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  •   Rajan Basra   Bangor, Wales
    Comment Link Rajan Basra Bangor, Wales 04 June 2014

    I knew Nasco was the man when he started singing Bulgarian songs late one night to everyone in Ivan Vazovo village. Have a conversation with him and you'll see he's got a special energy about him. I passed some good times together with him, Justin and Carlos, I won't forget!

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