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Koprivshtitsa has been preserved as an open-air museum of the Bulgarian National Revival. 

It was here on 20 April 1876 that Todor Kableshkov led an uprising against the Turks which eventually led to the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. These events are well-documented in the various house museums; but even without its place in history, the village would still be worth a visit if only to walk its winding cobbled streets and tarry on the stone bridges spanning trickling streams. You can stay in many of the old houses, some of which even have hot water!

Although centuries old, this celebrated village has not lost any of its vitality. Everywhere you go, you are encountered by the diversities of rural life. Horse-drown wagons and mule carts are in their way through the streets. Cows are brought in from the pastures every evening, finding their resting places in the sheds spread throughout the village. Sheep, goats and horses at the side of the road.

The scenic landscape of the Sredna Gora mountain range, with its vast forest regions and the up to 1,600 meter high peaks, offers a great variety of superb walking, hiking and biking opportunities.

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