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Welcome to Bulgaria! The country with 37 Mountains, 36 of them absolutely different!
All differents - age, rock formation, flora and fauna!
eXtreme Bulgaria club invite you- all paraglider pilots from all over the world to come and fly here with our support!

Welcome to the World of eXtreme Bulgaria! 

We will organise your transport, your accomodation and even SPA and other activities if you want!
We are flying, climbing, riding, jumping and so much more!
The accommodation will be in village houses.
The places for flying we will choose according to the weather conditions and your wishes.



Paragliding take off places:



latitude             longitude








Sopot                   N42°41.223' E24°45.020'                              S                           1400m.                                  850m.

Dobrostan           N41°54.566E24°55.869'                              NE                         1300m.                                  750m.

Borovets              N42°34.326Е23°21.430'                           NW, NE                    2400m.                                various

Markovo              N42°02.994E24°42.579'                         ENE, N, W                     792m.                                 390m.

Kurnare              N42°44.510' E24°36.753'                          SE, S, SW                    1290m.                                600m.

Brestovitsa         N42°062940E24°588954'                   NW, N                           610m.                                 300m.

The prices for the transfers depend of the airports of arriving and departing- which are Plovdiv, Sofia and Burgas!

Also from the number of the pilots. The general price is 0.30eu/km. 

Our club is in the center of Bulgaria. So we can reach many good and different places for paragliding and also we are close to all of the airports.


- 260km -Sofia and back.

- 540km -Bourgas and back.

- 140km - Plovdiv airport and back.

The general price for one day is 50eu/person including accommodation and transport to the take off place and back to the house, to maximum distance 50km.

The extra kilometres for picking up and for longer distances is 0.20eu/km

In the other time many options are possible!

While the tame ones sing for their Freedom, the wild ones fly!


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Atanas  Koev



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  •   Sing Yu
    Comment Link Sing Yu 20 May 2014

    Nasko is nice and hospitable hosts for me one week!Learn a lot the pofessional knowloage and skill in the tamdem lesson from you.many secrets of the lifestyle, spicaly for me to look for diffrent philosophy. And nice to met your family and lovely kids!thans show me around the country and mountail in Bulgaria ,I will come back and paragliding again. The night bath was awesome , after the bath watching the star in the sky, felt amazing ! (Hong Kong Island, China)

  •   Jake Athur Harris
    Comment Link Jake Athur Harris 21 May 2014

    Bulgaria is great! Atanas is even greater! We were so delighted by his hospitality and the adventures he shared with us! Hot pools & paragliding, what else you want? :)
    If you are looking for some urban couchsurfing this is the man to ask! Adventures included of course!
    Thank you so much Atanas!!!! Konstanz, Germany

  • Jake and Philip are great! We had unforgettable time together. Come again some day boys, you are so welcome!

  •   Pauline Wanner - Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
    Comment Link Pauline Wanner - Biel/Bienne, Switzerland 31 May 2014

    If you stay at the home of Nasko, Naska and their lovely kids - save some extra pages in your travelling diary. They have a lot to share and give: ideas, thoughts, time, food, music, love and home. If you fly with Nasko you will feel save, if you take a shower at the hot springs you will sleep like in heaven and if you go to the river you will find your balance. Thanks a lot!

  •   Yin Erl Ou Yang - Taiping, Malaysia
    Comment Link Yin Erl Ou Yang - Taiping, Malaysia 31 May 2014

    I surfed at Nasko's place for 3 days. We went paragliding just after my arrival.It was an awesome experience=)Nasko and his wife(Naska) are great people.They are friendly,welcoming and hospitable.Besides,both of them are very knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge.I have learnt a lot of things from them.Their children and animals are also very lovely.I had a great time there.Thank you Nasko and Naska^^I highly recommend this host=)

  • I went to visit Nasko, Naska and their children because I was missing the bulgarian nature, and when I went back to Istanbul I was missing bulgaria even more, and missing them also :) They made me remember that this country is ideal to bring a full time happiness in your life. I spent 3 days with them, we enjoyed together by playing with the children, having hot natural bathes (unforgettable!), jaming, talking, and Nasko made me paraglide with him (I discovered new feelings!).I learned a lot with them and hope to see them soon again. Vsichko hubavo i do skoro!

  •   Tanya, Ukrain
    Comment Link Tanya, Ukrain 02 February 2015

    Познакомившись с Наско и его семьей , мой мир перевернулся! Я увидела прекрасную семью: дружелюбную, отзывчивую и невероятную! То с каким подходом и вдохновением Наско подготавливает к полету, выбирает место , погоду! Все что он делал для моего первого полета все было магическим! И самое невероятное , вот он полет- ето чувство свободного парения , как птица! Сбылась моя невероятная мечта ! Благодарю Наско за мою сбывшуюся мечту!

  •   kenax Linapacan, Philippines
    Comment Link kenax Linapacan, Philippines 14 August 2015

    the paragliding was great, boisterous singing in the natural hot springs, so much to do in such a clean and pristine part of the world. Thanks for a great time Nasko!

    Visited July 2014

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