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  Depending on your requirements X-Week consists of a number of special events. Each activities may depend on weather conditions.

  However here is an example of an X-Week programme:

  •  First Day: Arrival at the airport. Once we have collected you from the airport and you have settled into your accomodation we will go to a nearby mountain to relax in the wild Nature, swim in the river or climb the rocks. Then we will discuss with you your specific activity plan and instructions as required. Then to a Bulgarian restaurant to enjoy a traditional meal!
  •  Second Day: We will take you to the Old Mountain, Sopot/Bekleme for tandem paragliding flights or to do ATV/BUGGY offroad trips in the Middle forest mountain.
  •  Third Day: We can go to the Rhodopy Mountain to visit extreme caves and to eat trout or other delicious Bulgarian food.
  •  Fourth Day: We can go to fly in an ultra-light plane or motorised hang glider or we can go to ride thoroughbred horses and go-karts.  Then we can relax in AQUALAND park and go bowling and play billiards
  •  Fifth Day: We can go rafting/kayaking or hike to the top of the Balkans - Moussala-2925m
  •  Sixth Day: ATV/buggy offroad trips or bungee jumps from bridges near Klisura- 62m high.
  •  Seventh Day: A day for relaxing at a mineral water resort (included each day if it is possible) and then transfer to the airport for departure.

Unless otherwise required X-Week meals will include Bulgarian cuisine and SPA!  The Programme for each group will be different and specified first by emails!

Atanas  Koev




  •   Sema Solomon -  Rennes, France
    Comment Link Sema Solomon - Rennes, France 31 May 2014

    Atanas is a very rare enlightened person. I doubt it if there is another instructor with such an approach as to make an extreme adventure so personal. Hopefully we'll meet again. Don't miss a chance to fly, ride, climb or jump with him!

  •   Isabel et Denis   Condrieu, France
    Comment Link Isabel et Denis Condrieu, France 04 June 2014

    For those who love nature, sports of all kinds it is necessary to meet Athanas
    dynamic and caring we spent a few days together and with his family but was a great moment for us They give off a positive energy and very energizing. We enjoyed sharing a little of their time

  •   REDBULLVIENNA   Vienna, Austria
    Comment Link REDBULLVIENNA Vienna, Austria 04 June 2014

    Antanas is a true man and can make you feel relaxed in a new country. I love his stories about flying and his new ideas. I was so happy he came to collect me from Sofia Airport and bring me to his home in Plovdiv (100Km away). Thanks for all you did to make my stay wonderful :-)

  •   Sarah Neate   cyberjaya, Malaysia
    Comment Link Sarah Neate cyberjaya, Malaysia 04 June 2014

    Thanks so much to Nasko, Naska, Justin and the whole gang! I had an amazing time with all of you in the idyllic village of Ivan Vazovo. I am inspired by the way you all live your lives--close to nature and also playing with nature through bungee jumping, paragliding, biking, and swimming! Perhaps, as Justin told me on the first night there, your place really is the center of the universe!

  •   Owen Venes   Moscow, Russia
    Comment Link Owen Venes Moscow, Russia 05 June 2014

    I stayed in Atanas' village home for about a week. He lives in a picturesque little village near Plovdiv. After CSing many people in cities it was wonderful to get out into the countryside and stay in his village. He gave me my own room with a bed and blankets. Atanas and his friend Justine from england brought me to see local historical sites in the area. At the weekend, we drove over the mountains where I meet up with a friend I knew in Nepal.

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