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In the center of Bulgaria Plovdiv is located on both banks of the Maritsa river in the central part of the Upper Thracian Plain. The country is mostly plain, but Plovdiv is particularly known, like Rome, for its seven hills, one of which was destroyed in the beginning of the 20th century. 

A couple of key thoroughfares cross the city, including the one connecting Sofia with Istanbul through Edirne, as well as the one between Sofia and Burgas through Stara Zagora. Plovdiv is regarded as the gate to the Rhodopes, as most people who head for the mountains choose it as their starting point. The city has three train stations (and an additional railway stop) and three bus stations. There are two types of buses that run in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv is possibly known at the time as a Thracian fortified settlement named Eumolpias according to Ammianus Marcellinus, in 342 BC it was conquered by Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great, who renamed it Philippopolis ("the city of Philip"), rendered in Latin as Philippopolis, in his own honour. It later became independent under the Thracians, until it was incorporated into the Roman Empire, under which it was also called Trimontium (City of Three Hills) and served as metropolis of the province of Thrace. Thrimontium was an important crossroad for the Roman Empire and was called "The largest and most beautiful of all cuities" by Lucian.[1] Via Militaris, the most important military road in the Balkans, passed through the city. In what was one of the most glorious periods in the history of the city, it spread beyond the three hills, and numerous public buildings, shrines, baths, and theatres were built.

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  •   Louise Wratten   Bath, England
    Comment Link Louise Wratten Bath, England 04 June 2014

    The 9 days I spent with Nasko, Naska and their gorgeous children were the best 9 days of my 2 months travelling. A beautiful part of the world that I felt privileged to share with such beautiful people. I left with a permanent smile on my face, and a tear in my eye - I will definitely be going back to Ivan Vazovo to spend more time with this amazing familly! :)

  •   Mark Dunstan   Sydney, Australia
    Comment Link Mark Dunstan Sydney, Australia 05 June 2014

    As we'd say in Australia, an absolute legend. Had a fantastic time in and around Plovdiv with Adanas Incredibly generous and kind guy who really loves people and who was incredibly helpful when we got lost trying to find his place. A fantastic and beautiful family. 5 of us came to visit the beautiful town of Plovdiv a few weeks ago and had a great time. Thanks mate!

  •   sumeesh Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Comment Link sumeesh Dubai, United Arab Emirates 14 August 2015

    It was awesome, perhaps our guide Atanas has the main part of that. He is very friendly more than that he made us to feel xtreme trill

    Visited July 2014

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